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About us

Company GRATISCOIN LTD was registered in the UK on March 13, 2018, registration number 11462087.

For 5 years, the GRATISCOIN LTD team has been engaged in online training in trading in cryptocurrency pairs and has been working in the field of making profits on cryptocurrency platforms, on the strategy of arbitrage situations between trading platforms.

In October 2018, the decision was made to launch the online investment platform GRATISCOIN LTD, through which the company plans to raise funds from private investors. After 5 years of successful work, the company carries out the next stage of development, which will allow it to develop in international markets, expand the staff and crypto-traders, and increase the company's financial turnover.


The CAEC LTD team consists of management personnel, 11 constantly trading crypto-traders, whose number will be increased if necessary as the investment fund grows. In our work we use various closed for general use tools. We use our own IT development, we study software platforms for identifying arbitrage situations and much more. We are proud of a self-developed strategy that allows our specialists to avoid all those flaws that prevent many traders involved in arbitration from working.


Cryptocurrency is called a chain of logical transactions with digital money for the purpose of making profit on the difference in rates. Arbitrage allows you to make a profit on the difference between the price of an identical asset on various trading platforms. To do this, proceed as follows. We buy virtual coins on one of the exchanges (at the lowest cost), and then sell it through another (at the highest price). Then we act in the same way.


Suppose we have a starting capital of 1000 USD.
At the cryptocurrency exchange (A), we acquire 0.15 BTC at a cost of 6545 USD for 1 BTC.
On the cryptocurrency exchange (B), an order was created to purchase 0.15 BTC at a cost of 6738 USD per 1 BTC.
An order to purchase 0.15 BTC at a cost of 6931 USD per 1 BTC was created at the cryptocurrency exchange (B).
We analyze the exchanges for the presence of a more profitable order for the acquisition of currency, in our case we choose the exchange (B) we sell our 0.15 BTC at a price of 6931 USD for 1 BTC.
Upon completion of the transaction, we have: 1039.65 USD - commission fees = ~ 30 USD net profit from one successful transaction with a minimum start-up capital. Every day, our specialists make hundreds of operations on cryptocurrency exchanges, which ensures the safety of our investors' money.

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